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Seth Meyers: Betsy DeVos Dismantles Civil Rights in Education

Seth Meyers: While Trump hogs the headlines, his appointees like Betsy DeVos are, quietly working to set civil rights regulations in our schools back to the Stone Age.

The OCR, or the Office for Civil Rights the only place for people without a lawyer to obtain help. Education Secretary Betsy Devos surely knows all about it, as it is in her wheelhouse. Watch as she gets an F, an F minus and is finally asked to wear the dunce’s cap when she demonstrates that she doesn’t have a vague notion of what OCR is and what it does. It’s okay though. Betsy doesn’t have to know a thing because her goal is to continue rolling back civil rights and making the OCR obsolete anyway.

The Check In: Betsy DeVos’ Rollback of Civil Rights

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