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Seth Meyers: Trump Admits to Colluding with Russia, Manafort is Toast

Seth Meyers takes a closer look at Trump, who openly admits to colluding with Russia, and the major developments in Paul Manafort’s trial. Rick Gates stuck a fork in Manafort, who is now toast,  during the equivalent of the first “Law and Order” episode to last only five minutes.

Sniping at LeBron James was a losing strategy for Trump, who is salving his bruised ego in campaign rallies – or brag fests.  Saturday night, Trump regaled the Trumpwits with tales of lust involving ‘flamingo’ dancers on the ‘Tallahassee Trail’ which he believes to be in Argentina.  A delusional Trump also created popularity with the ladies for himself, bragging that he won women’s vote, (and possibly walked on the moon). Trump crowed; “My wife Melania, the First Lady, said ‘the women really like you.'” “We only had to pay off some of them,” quipped Seth.

Trump Confesses on Twitter; Rick Gates Testifies Against Manafort: A Closer Look