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Seth Meyers: Trump and ‘Lowlife’ Omorosa in Cat fight; Trump Lawyers Confused by Russia Probe

Trump’s practice of hiring fellow con-artists is biting him in the butt again, after the firing of Omorosa – who like Trump, is an unqualified, attention-seeking grifter with a vindictive streak a mile wide.  In a series of tweets this weekend that even Trump calls ‘UN-presidential’ he fought with Omorosa, calling her – among other things, a ‘low-life’ whom he claims to have legitimized. Clearly, Trump doesn’t see the hiring of an equally unqualified pal as a reflection on himself. The vision of Omorosa intoning; “Every head will bow down to President Trump’ is hard to shake, but it is typical of the reality show drama and flattery the tiny-pawed dictator-in-training requires.

Meanwhile, Trump’s lawyers, though confused, struggle to keep Trump from facing Robert Mueller under oath. Collusion and obstruction of justice are on the menu, and even Trump’s idiotic attorneys know that he will perjure himself, because – if anything is predictable about this ‘precedent’ it is that lying is his default position.

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