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Seth Meyers – Trump Argues with Pelosi and Schumer, Google and Idiot Trump

Trump’s decision to invite cameras in to cover his meeting with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer backfired so unpredictably that his orange face was widely observed turning ‘Terror Alert Tomato Red.’ Did I mention that a silent Mike Pence was at Trump’s side? Some wondered if Pence was a robotic stand-in. In truth, he is not allowed to speak to women when ‘Mother’ is not in the room. What a great ‘Individual 2’ he’ll make.

It is reported that Trump is “super pissed” because the position of Chief of Staff is wide open,there are no takers despite his claims to the contrary.   If you have a high tolerance for drama, and some free time, hie thee to the White House.

You can just  bet that Trump is mega-super-duper pissed at Google!  Trump is so certain that the ‘liberal media’ is out to get him that he has accused Google of manipulating results to make him (pause for laughter) look bad.  Anyone who has tried to reach a genuine person at Google knows that there is no little man behind the curtain, as has been whimsically suggested.  On Tuesday, Google CEO Sundar Pichai explained to members of Congress why the search word ‘idiot’ often brings up a photo of Donald Trump. Sadly for Trump whose persecution complex needs feeding,  there is zero bias against him or conservatives in the giant search engine.  It’s all about ‘cyber’ – to use Trump’s lexicon.
I invite you to just type in ‘Idiot’ under images.  Seth suspects “doorbell” will bring up the video of Trump’s famous “bing, bing, bong, bong, bong!”