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Seth Meyers: Trump Buys Omorosa’s Silence and Gets Outsmarted – A Closer Look

Seth Meyers: Omorosa dropped yet another secret tape and Trump is reacting like any innocent man. Trump has ordered Jeff Sessions to have Omorosa arrested and thrown in jail with all of the journalists who say unflattering things about him.

Trump’s legal team is ‘handling’ the Russia probe by trash-talking Robert Mueller – from a safe distance. Trump is pulling security clearances in an effort to shut people up, and now his daily font of support;  his pals on Fox & Friends, are telling him the truth?!  The truth must hurt. Trump who fancies himself to have a superior brain, was informed – with love, that OImorosa ‘outsmarted him!

Seth: “Even they’re telling you it’s a giant grift. Omorosa’s playing Trump, Trump’s playing the rest of us and Giuliani is just a ‘butthead.’ “

Omarosa Says Trump Tried to Buy Her Silence: A Closer Look