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Seth Meyers: Trump Deals with New Russia and Michael Cohen, Mob, Giuliani Bombshells – A Closer Look

Seth Meyers observes that Trump bombshells occur at such a pace that Trump and his inner circle are bombarded by one damning bombshell after another, with no let-up. In fact, from the time Seth tapes the show to the time it is broadcast, Team Trump runs up another full broadcast full of scandals, blunders and outright embarrassments.

It’s needless to say that we are nostalgic for Obama for so very many reasons, but surely he had scandalous bombshells too.  Looking back at Obama’s eight years:The President set tongues wagging when he eschewed plain, American yellow, and used elite, brown mustard…What a day that was. And who will forget the day he wore – a tan suit!  Diplomacy? Obama’s ‘Beer Summit’ in the Rose Garden won’t soon be forgotten, nor will White House Craft Brew.
It is said Obama relaxed on the couch watching basketball, and he hit the links…Excessively, although his schedule shows very little time spent golfing.
Mind, the source who reported that Obama spent inordinate time with his putter also maintains that Trump’s IQ is nearly on par with Einstein’s. You might want to take that with a grain of salt, or a pitcher of White House Craft Beer.