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Seth Meyers: Trump Lies to Defend Caging Kids at Border

Seth Meyers: As Trump backtracks on his cruel family separation policy, Seth observes that lying may be Trump’s only political skill. What makes Trump such a great liar? Take one part complete lack of shame and mix with malignant narcissism. Blend, and deliver with absolute conviction. Trump is able to knowingly lie where others,with equal moral impairment – would be ashamed to try.

Trump is available for back-pats and kisses on his flabby behind, after writing an executive order reversing his sadistic immigration and child lock-up program. Seth: “You don’t get credit for solving a problem when you’re the one who created it in the first place!”
If American voters aren’t sufficiently grateful for Trump’s executive order to help him evade Robert Mueller, Trump may have an ulterior motive for pushing the start date of his Space Force – “There’s no place like space.” Donald Trump.

The Trump Team’s Lies About Immigrants and Family Separation: A Closer Look -video

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