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Seth Meyers – Trump’s Advisers Told Him Not to Congratulate Putin

Seth Meyers takes a closer look at Trump calling to congratulate Putin on his ‘re-election, as he also takes a more hostile tone toward special counsel Robert Mueller. Not only did Trump ignore¬† NSC orders in capital letters, not to call Putin and congratulate him, he ignored the poisoning of the spies on British soil, and he has never truly broached Putin’s meddling in the 2016 election.

The most condemning sign of Trump’s too friendly relationship with the dictator was ferreted out by Anderson Cooper. Cooper realized that Trump has never given Putin a nickname, and asked the BLOATUS why in his broadcast this evening. I think we all know that Anderson Cooper will have a nickname by tomorrow, and it will rhyme with Cooper. One guess.

It is discomfiting that Republicans are relaxed about Trump’s threats to fire Mueller, claiming “It would be the stupidest thing he could do.” Really Republicans? It is¬† TRUMP we’re discussing. Challenge Accepted!

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