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Seth Meyers: Trump’s Week in Scandals and Corruption, Stephen King on the Space Force

Seth Meyers takes a closer look at the unprecedented level of corruption and scandal swirling around Donald Trump and his hand-picked cadre of grifters and con-men. As Trump’s associates are picked off one by one for criminal activity which pales next to his own suspected shenanigans, Trump’s date with destiny- AKA Robert Mueller, looms.

To distract those who would call him to account, Trump is promoting – ‘The Space Force.’ Using Trump’s reasoning that “there’s no place like space,’ the Vice President and the Secretary of Defense hied themselves to the Pentagon with the directive to get hopping on the sixth branch of our armed forces. Seth observes that headlines are now so absurd that to see “Don’t Trust Fish” in the CNN news crawl would not be surprising.

Writer Stephen King set the Twitter world into a high level of creativity Friday when he posted his opinion of the proposed Space Force:
Space Force: I keep thinking of one of those old Saturday morning shows with puppets n shit. Retweet ONLY if you think this is possibly the dumbest idea out of Trump’s admittedly dumb head so far.

Trump’s Week of Corruption Scandals: A Closer Look