SNL, Women’s Bowling Brought to you by Vagisil

vagisil snl

This sure hit my funny bone as a guy who loves watching sports but can’t stand the announcers endlessly yammering on and on and on about nothing. Hey, its about chasing balls around…

2 Replies to “SNL, Women’s Bowling Brought to you by Vagisil”

  1. I watched it again this morning and got laughing so hard I snotted myself…
    This is gonna be a classic.

    “read the directions on the back of the tube…

  2. This is a scream. I have always wondered if those guys are born annoying, or if they attend a special non-stop talking announcer training school. I have noticed that nattering on senselessly was limited to sports until the advent of…the 24 hour news cycle!

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