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Stephen Colbert: Bears, Lesbian Puppies & Good Morning America

13 Americans are injured by sharks each year, 13,000 Americans are injured by pails and buckets

Stephen Colbert & Lesbian PuppiesOh, and the two things front and center in the Republican election sweep, Ebola and ISIS which combined have now killed 3 Americans.

Considering we are 250 times more likely to be struck by lighting than struck by a bear, do we really need to hunt them down with dogs, trap them so they chew their feet off, and shoot them in trees? And that’s black bears that don’t get much bigger than Rush Limbaugh’s ass.

But you see, just like Fox News and Republican politics, much of entertainment TV is about scaring your pants off too. Especially when Bigfoot, UFOs and ghosts come knocking at your door. Nobody Gruber may have been wrong about obamacare but he sure got that part about the stupid American voter right.

So that makes four truths where the mainstream media, pundits, and elected politicians cannot go.  Saying anything negative about our troops, Jews, religion and the American voters is VERBOTEN!  Except on throwaway websites. Let me see if I can cover that all in one sentence!

PTSD is more about what our troops did than what the saw, I don’t like NeoCons who are about 99% Jewish one little bit, I think religion does far more harm than good and that the American voter is dumber than a carrot on a stick.

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