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Stephen Colbert defends Michelle Wolf from the real SNOWFLAKES!

One thing’s sure about what this small lady comedian accomplished; Trump, Fox News and the GOP showed who the SNOWFLAKES! really are. In all caps with an exclamation point.

Remember Colbert doing this a decade ago calling W. an idiot to his face a dozen times? At tge tune host of a new iffy show on Comedy Central for just a few months which after his appearance at the WHCD shot up to the top of the heap for 9 years.

Get ready for a lot more of Michelle Wolf who unlike Trump, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kellyanne Conway told no lies.

Correction: Sunday I said I didn’t like Michelle Wolf hitting Aunt Lydia with fat and ass jokes. I WAS WRONG. They were FACT and ASH jokes. So Ms Wolf did nothing wrong at all.