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Stephen Colbert does the best interview with James Comey

Interviews that are informative and fun stick with us far better than hearing or watching the same straight up crap over and over again.

We have to remember that Hillary won the popular vote by 2.9 million votes, what the polls said she would win by.  She lost the electoral votes by 80,000 votes.  So what could have caused just 80,000 people to vote for a buffoon?

  1. James Comey throwing her under the bus 11 days before the election for no good reason.
  2. Russian social media interference.

An Impeachment reminder.

The House votes with a simple majority for Articles of Impeachment.

The Senate convicts by a super majority of 67 votes.

So just like with Bill Clinton the Republicans in the House knew damn well he would not be convicted by the Senate, making it a political move rather than a legal or constitutional move.

The same will apply after the Democrats take the House come November. So impeaching Trump will again be only a political move.  Okay!

But what we forget is Bill Clinton was smart enough to compartmentalize and keep his mouth shut while Trump will have the biggest presidential meltdown since… Since… Hmmm… Nero?

And imagine the meltdowns from Fox News and Talk Radio. Wow, boggles the mind.