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Stephen Colbert THANKS THE NAZIS!

“Thank you NAZIS!” Stephen Colbert daring his enemies to use the quote and video to destroy him.

thank the NAZIS, Stephen ColbertThank you NAZIS for the 420 to ZERO vote in Congress to bring us all together by denying NAZIS Social Security checks! Who says congress can’t agree on anything?

Which of course begs the question… Why WERE we paying out Social Security checks to NAZIS?

The old Confederacy is growing. The old border states of W. Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee and Missouri have joined up along with the new trail North from Texas through Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho to include most of Montana and the Dakotas. It’s like cancer, if it touches another organ it takes over. But what about non contingent Arizona?  Can cancer become airborne?

Am I comparing the old Confederacy to cancer? OMG

Next thing  you know we will be handing out Social Security checks to the Ku Klux Klan and Al Sharpton!

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