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Stephen Colbert, Trump blames his Helsinki fail on a mistaken contraction of Wouldn’t

Stephen Colbert tells us Trump blames Obama, Hillary, the FBI, the NSA, the Democrats and Republicans. Had he ever had a dog he would blame that too. But blaming it on a mistaken contraction is something new! Trump is just so full of newness!

My Trumper friends don’t care that he makes fun of the disabled, brags about grabbing ladies snatch, could murder anyone anywhere, or has lied 6500 times since this horror show began. Nope! He is great, he is changing things!

Yeah what he changed for you is giving massive tax breaks to the very elites you hate so much and made your healthcare costs go up. Oh, and destroying the planet. Markets, employment, wages, GNP are only going up at the same rate they did under Obama. YOU IDIOTS.

But in all fairness he has done for you Trumpers the biggest thing in your lives.  Brought your resentment, bile, victim hood, bigotry, racism, ignorance and hatred of everyone smarter than you to a popular, joyous, celebratory parade.

Trump Walks Back His ‘Would’ For A ‘Wouldn’t’