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Supreme Court even with just eight goes liberal

Supreme Court even with just eight goes liberal

Boy oh boy, what a day at the Supreme Court, with just 8 justices and without the coming liberal or two joining, they went Pro Choice, pro gun control, pro affirmative action and pro birth control just in one day! It always amazed me that all nine members of the court are either Catholic or Jewish, where’s the Protestants? ¬†Oh yeah, on CBN.

Of course we will still have two right-wing noodleheads on the court for a long time to come, but Sammy and Slappy have both become funny in a horrible kind of way. So we need to give credit were credit is due for Justice Kennedy who acted like a judge rather than a Right-wing ideologue, one down two to go.

I think what we have now in Judge Kennedy is our own version of Pope Francis who obviously has made an impression on him, in fact this Francis overlap could mean that perhaps it’s time for religion to bring people together than drive them apart. Na… It is what it is. Supernatural tribalism.

What is worrisome though is if just this is getting the evangelicals and the gun crowd to lock and load think of what the coming one or two more liberals on the court will do to them. We had best take all their guns away before November 7th.