Obama mugs seniors on Social Security for the GOP, Englehart cartoon

obama social security

Obama does the Social Security dirty work for the GOP.  You know this isn’t an issue.  It is outside the budget and it can easily be fixed by a bit of gradual upping the age of eligibility and increasing the cut off amount.  I do think it is a chess move play by the President.  We will see.

The answer to all our woes on debt and deficit could be solved in a few years by just simply having everyone pay a payroll tax for health care. ZIP, ZAP DONE. Like the rest of the entire civilized world. With upwards of 90% of citizens like it, including Conservative Iron Lady Margret Thatcher. Ding Dong the witch is dead!

It’s just a vote TO VOTE on limited background checks, Englehart cartoon

background checks

What we have seen this week is 16 Republicans agreeing to vote on a very water downed background check bill. Not for the bill, but to allow a vote on the bill.  The bill does require background checks at gun shows. But still allows MS13 to sell as many AR15s and 100 round clips out of the trunks of their cars to their cousins, their brother in law, the CRIPS, the BLOODS and Mexican cartels. It also allows YOU to sell as many AR15’s to the craziest mofos you know. Pull your car up to any nuthouse or prison and sell whatever you want, how much you want, to whomever you want. This is because Republicans refuse to allow background checks when selling guns to  friends and family members. MS13 doesn’t have friends and family members?

To top that off, we have at least 3 Democratic Senators posed to vote against the watered down background check. So even Senate passage of the bill is up for grabs.

And to top that off, the GOP controlled House has no intention of passing it anyway.

All because about 10% of Americans are extreme Right-wing paranoid gun enthusiasts.

Here’s what needs to be done. TAKE THE MONEY OUT OF ELECTIONS. ALL OF IT. NOW. TODAY.