Chet the Confederate, Mexican Pope took American Jobs

chet the confederate Chet the Confederate seems not to have yet heard of the newest gun enthusiast conspiracy? That Newtown was staged by the Obama Administration to take everyone's guns away. Really.

In fact state, city and local authorities are asking for new laws to help stem the freedom of information calls for the murdered children's grave sites, autopsies, birth certificates, family addresses and phone numbers. They are harassing the parents. It doesn't get much lower than that.  Which is what we are dealing with allowing a few people who wake up every morning thinking about their armory, talk about their AR15 all day, and dream about guns all night to write our gun laws. It's beyond an addiction, it's a foul sickness.

I was reading literature last night, you know the real thing, like from a BOOK. It explained why we allow a sick minority of gun enthusiasts to write our gun laws.  It is for the same reason we allow a silly minority to push their intolerant religious crap on the rest of us. And why we let them pretend Global Warming is a hoax, or evolution is a lie, or the President is from Kenya, or immigrants are the problem. We let them get away with all that crap because as a nation we do not want to offend, disparage or pile on the lower class no matter what ignorant, uneducated, nastyass boneheads they may be. It is part of our heritage to stand up for the little stupid guy. Well, white ones anyway.


Chet the Confederate defends Welfare for Real Americans, FOD

chet the confederate on welfareChet the Confederate – who used to be called Chet Steeler – gives his spin on how REAL Americans can benefit from Welfare. Or to put it more honestly, welfare for white people is a good thing.

Seems you only have to follow a few steps to make welfare work for you.  Change you diet to road kill, stop masturbating to the net, and work the pole.

The big question here is just how many Chet Steelers are there and how many of them vote.  If you live down this way your answer will be MOST PEOPLE and the ones not using meth DO VOTE. If you live some hundreds of miles North of here, you many think there are 17 of them – all of whom are too stupid to know what vote means.

But in our defense, we have the weather, the ocean and that priceless Einstein relativity thing where the day we move down here from up North, our IQ rises by 50 points.  From that point on, you have to wisely deal with always being the smartest one in the room. A heavy burden that is for the most part left secret, as they all have guns and are esaily angered.  Ego sagging? COME ON DOWN!


Chet Steeler video: Advice on Gun Southern Parenting

chet steeler parentingHell, I live down here in Dumbutt and can’t figure out what magazine Chet is talking about it, sounds like “sol an pour” magazine. Help!

I post these Chet Steeler videos because none of them have yet passed the 500 views mark on YOUTUBE.  This is the same issue I have with the mainstream media who refuses to define “gun enthusiasts” as who they really are and what they really represent.

We are not talking about “gun owners” but that part of American society who promote, purchase and play with military assault rifles with extended magazines. And especially those who celebrate such weaponry in the wake of the 20 riddled bodies of six year old children. Also please notice, the shooters in most all these massacres are “gun enthusiasts” themselves who are INTO assault rifles or extended clips.

What angers me  – almost as much as the GOP having converted Jesus Christ into an NRA, execution loving, child beating, selfish bigoted ahole – is that our elected officials along with the media,  give these yingyangs what they want out of fear of losing share, losing elections or fear for the lives of themselves, their staff and their families.