Funny or Die Presents – The Kings of Alt-Right Comedy!

Funny or Die Presents - The Kings of Alt-Right Comedy!

Meet the masters of calling out the cucks, the totally not -PC  Kings of Alt-Right Comedy!  Funny or Die salutes these hateful shut-ins,  before they slither back into obscurity along with Donald Trump and his white supremacist pals, who have helped shine a spotlight on them.  This is a rare opportunity to see the faces of these message board warriors and Twitter outcasts. You’re welcome.

Tons of Cheetos and tanker trucks filled with soda help fuel the mission to rid the internet of phony libtards.  These gods of the sticky keyboard share group-approved slams and create ungrammatical memes, because ‘humor’ as we know it, is not funny.

ISIS Leader Begs America, DON’T Elect Donald Trump – Aasif Mandvi, FOD video

ISIS Leader Begs America, DON'T Elect Donald Trump - Aasif Mandvi, FOD video

In this Funny or Die video, the founder of the Islamic terrorist group ISIS, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi (Aasif Mandvi),weighs in on the U S presidential race, and tells us why Trump is TOTALLY NOT someone ISIS supports.  Al-Baghdadi can almost keep a straight face as he confides to American voters that he and his pals are terrified of a Trump presidency.  The leader of the pack assures us that if Trump is elected, ISIS will be hitching up their robes and high-stepping it into the sunset. Maybe the idea of public beheadings frightens us, but we can’t begin to know how horrified ISIS is of Trump’s ‘proposed vetting’ program! In his experience, only the most evil, black-hearted terrorist would lie on a questionnaire!

As an added bonus, we learn that everything we’ve ever been told about Obama and Clinton founding ISIS is true – but even more shocking, we now know who really shot Tupac!

Americans Agree on Dogs, Football, Taylor Swift and Universal Background Checks Funny or Die

Americans Agree on Dogs, Football, Taylor Swift and Universal Background Checks for Gun Purchases, with Dennis Quaid and Amanda Peet, Funny or Die video

Americans often disagree, especially during an election cycle, but this charming Funny or Die video by Dennis Quaid and Amanda Peet shows that Americans agree on things that are really important, like football, Taylor Swift, dogs and  universal background checks for gun purchases.

Some are trying to divide us further by spreading the falsehood that gun ownership is being threatened in the United States, while nothing could be further from the truth. “Obama is coming to git yer guns” is not an appropriate response to the idea of implementing universal background checks for every gun purchase.  Why would anyone want to misrepresent a commonsense precaution that 93% of us want?

I think there is a lawless and a greedy minority (7%, and that includes Ted Nugent and gun manufacturers) who have the louder voice, and bigger checkbook to influence bad politicians and a gullible public.

Dennis Quaid and Amanda Peet invite us to think about why Congress is failing to act, when the President has done his job.  #ENOUGH