Cocks not Glocks, Daily Show Roy Wood Jr leads UT guns on campus protest!

Cocks not Glocks, Daily Show Roy Wood Jr leads UT guns on campus protest!What is so sorely missing here in both the concealed and open carry arguments is the whole point of it, intimidation. And look at the who of that need for intimidation who make the Trump Deplorables seem tame. No wait, sorry, they are the same people.

What is missing from this video would have been so easy to make that point.

In both interviews from either side, Roy Blunt Jr should have pulled out a gun, given the evil eye and said,”WHAT DID YOU SAY MOFO?”  “YOU WANNA REPEAT THAT?” “TO MY FACE?”

It is not that gun enthusiasts have small dicks, it’s that they have small brains.  This goes without saying because there is no proof at all about their dicks, they aint showing, while there is all the proof in the world from just looking at them or listening to them what dipshits they are. When people have little or nothing going for them in this life, its a choice between betting on an afterlife, or guns or drugs or all three.


Make America Hate Again

Make America Hate Again

I am now hearing that the answer to the problem of the poorly educated bigoted racist armed Republican base is to patronize them, be nice to them, include them and give them what they want is the only way to bring us all together, good luck with that.

Have you ever noticed that every gun enthusiast you come by is also an angry type A+ personality type?

Will Ferrell & Ryan Gosling, the Donald Trump Knife Guys!

Will Ferrell & Ryan Gosling, the Donald Trump Knife Guys!Speaking of knives, this morning the comment areas on any website with an article about the Boston knife attacker overflows with just what you would expect. TAKE EVERYONE’S KNIFE AND CAR AWAY! IF THAT 80 YEAR OLD WOMAN HAD A GUN!  IF ALL SHOPPERS HAD GUNS! It’s like everyone in America is just aching to shoot and kill someone or other, usually the other.

Seems a black man named Arthur Darosa, who the day after leaving a mental hospital which he committed himself to for suicidal tendencies, went on a random knife rampage stabbing six and killing two before he was shot and killed by a officer.  BAN ALL KNIVES!  RANDOM MY ASS NEGRO KILLING WHITE PEOPLE. LIBERALS WANT YOUR GRANDMOTHERS MURDERED!

American gun enthusiasts shoot 100 Americans a day. Muslim Terrorists have shot about 50 Americans in the last 300 years.