Did Trump Voters Ignore, or Not Care About His Ignorant Trashy Mouth ? – Video

Did Trump Voters Ignore, or Not Care About His Ignorant Trashy Mouth ? - Video

. Donald Trump has long distinguished himself by making hugely inappropriate statements, putting  his impulsive vindictive streak, and embarrassing lack of information on display. Today the panel on The View discussed Trump voters. The panel wondered whether Trump voters cared about the horrid things he said, or if it’s possible that they simply ignored Trump’s statements, and voted for him anyway. If the latter is true, then why?!

Imagine – if it is even possible, that in 2008 candidate Barack Obama called war hero John McCain a “loser” because he got caught, explaining “I only like winners.” It’s doubtful that Obama would have been elected, although he might have been stoned on the outskirts of town.  As you know, serial draft-dodger Donnie Trump boldly made that very proclamation about McCain, who bravely withstood the torture of his captors, and refused to leave until his men were released as well. It sounds heroic to me…But I’m a bleeding heart libral, ya know  The truly shocking part of this tale is that it hurt Trump not one bit with his patriotic, veteran supporting fans.

Why then, did – and do people overlook statements from Trump that would ruin the career of better people, people with more to offer?  Trump’s obvious deficiencies, his truth-aversion, his scams –  perpetrated with the transparent finesse of a foul-mouthed pimp failed to warn voters. Even a proud president pussy grabber in full cry failed to put off even the most conservative of the Bible-Belt.

Perhaps as a panelist suggests, Trump voters felt there was a large enough advantage in electing him, to justify pretending they were deaf. If so, I wonder if it’s possible that any of them are beginning to have the creeping feeling that they were horribly and tragically wrong?


John McCain on ‘Wacko-Bird’ Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders and Trump – Seth Meyers

John McCain on 'Wacko-Bird' Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders  and Trump -   Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers asks Senator John McCain how he feels about the Republican party, now that Donald Trump and “Wacko-Bird” Ted Cruz are in the running. McCain points out that some people hold both Bernie Sanders and Trump in high regard despite the enormous differences of  the two men The reason McCain gives for the appeal of the two candidates is classic ‘get off of my lawn’ anger which has lingered since the inception of the Tea Party. His lingering hatred for Ted Cruz is enough to cause me to linger here long enough to post this interview.

Seth conducts the interview as if McCain had good sense, never once alluding to the fact that McCain is responsible for loosing the Palin clan on America.  For those who feel a McCain interview isn’t complete without the threat of bad guys looming, you won’t be disappointed!

Sarah Palin Attempts to Mock Tina Fey in ’30 Rock’ Spoof

Sarah Palin Attempts to Mock Tina Fey in  '30 Rock'  Spoof

If Sarah Palin turned the tables and did a send-up of Tina Fey in ’30 Rock’ it would be a side-splitter, right?  You optimists are adorable.  By now you know right-wingers don’t do funny…Intentionally. But cringing can be enjoyable, so I invite you to enter a world where right-wingers get a chance to torment the liberals who poke fun at them.

Sarah Palin stars in Independent Journal’s new comedy spoof about a small-town TV writer who moves to NYC in hopes of creating a hit variety show called ’31 Rock.’  For undisclosed reasons, Senator Lindsey Graham, Senator John McCain – (who should be Palin-shy), and Kevin Brown of Dot Com were roped into this thing too.