FOD: Why I Switched MY Vote To Mitt! (Outtakes)

Funny or Die: Why I switched my vote to Mitt!  My boss told me to vote for Mitt, and women might not choose right!
Fortunately for these fun-seekers who switched their vote for Obama to a vote for the loser, Romney …They are winners despite themselves. Some were ‘guided’ by employers, others by misguided morality and still others by a desire to control a woman’s right to choose.
It gives me great pleasure to state that Todd Akin’s plans have been aborted. Here people discuss ‘legitimate rape,’ or as the earnest Klansman call it ‘God given rape, what God intended!’    Perhaps we’ll be spared questions  like this in the future:
“That’s the thing about a woman’s right to choose, how do we know she’s gonna make the right choice?”

Lawrence O’Donnell Rewrite: Paul Broun, Todd Akin: Bible Thumpers, Selective Readers!

Lawrence O'Donnell says Bible is a salesman's tool for ignorant committee members Paul Broun and Todd Akin

” The Bible Teaches Us How To Run Our Lives & All Of Public Policy & Everything In Society” claims Rep Paul Broun.
The truly sobering thing is that this pair of anti-Science morons sit on the nation’s House Science, Space and Technology Committee.
When Lawrence O’Donnell gets down to brass tacks, it seems that this pair of numbnuts know as little of the Bible as they do of Science, Health or Technology.

Todd Akin explains to Hannity he Got information from HEARING a medical report

Hang in the Todd!  The Republican people of Missouri nominated you, you represent them, this is a democracy, do not allow Karl Rove to throw you out.  Obama needs you!  But even if you are removed, your pal Paul Ryan is now on record for sponsoring a bill that deligitimizes rape.

The unsaid issue here is where this erroneous medical report Akin heard came from. The source of it. Any guesses? Gosh… This right-wing religious crap in this country needs its BACK BROKEN once and for all.  It overflows with selfish, hateful, lying,  intolerant, bigoted, violent nitwits who have NOT A CLUE as to what Christianity and Jesus Christ are all about. Am I clear on this?

Todd Akin and Paul Ryan LEGITIMATE RAPE