Letterman Meteorite: Top Ten Things Going Through Russian Driver's Mind

Letterman video: Top Ten things going through Russian driver's brain as meteor passed

Thanks to the magic of Russian dash cams, we too are able to witness some of the most awe inspiring things on earth! You may have seen the footage of an average Russian commute on the Daily Show or You Tube…The meteorite was impressive as well. Dave delves into the Russian motorist's mind – but only to imagine¬† what thoughts he may have had as the meteorite flashed across his field of vision.


Letterman: Top Ten Reasons Romney Lost, Including Christians & White Folks

David Letterman Top Ten Romney scapegoats. Why Romney's loss was not his fault, but that of Christians and White folksAs someone who was prepared to become the leader of this country, surely Mitt Romney has analyzed every detail of his campaign, and is fully taking sole responsibility for for his loss. Correction…The Christians and white people who did not go out and vote share the responsibility. Otherwise, Romney’s shoulders are broad enough to carry the responsibility for his failure to check for tiny implanted video recording devices when he was speaking to his base. What? This just in! There is an aide whose job it is to uncover hidden recording devices, and Romney was wearing shoulder pads. He is still finding other reasons and people who failed in his endeavor to “take back the White House!”

Letterman: Top Ten Thoughts In Paul Ryan’s Mind. Pumpin’ Iron

David Letterman: Top Ten Things Paul Ryan is thinking in his gym rat photos

Dave has a point, imagine this face on Mount Rushmore…Did you try? It’s just not happening for me. It’s Paul Ryan in his gym rat ‘I’m a cool dood’ poses, and it’s almost too easy to imagine what he’s thinking. I’m thinking he has too much taxpayer time to spend at the gym we foolishly provide for him. Could it be a coincidence that these photos were released today – of all days?¬† Surely his intention was not to intimidate Joe Biden, or perhaps to win women over to the Republican party despite their anti-woman policies…Was it?