John Oliver Responds to New Zealands’ Stephen Joyce Dildo Baggins

John Oliver Responds to New Zealands' Stephen Joyce Dildo Baggins

The new season of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver started with the perfect storm of Sir Peter Jackson, ‘dildo-gate’ with Steven Joyce and the New Zealand flag debate all rolled into one.

‘Last Week Tonight’ had been reluctant to cover the story of economic development minister Steven Joyce’s unfortunate incident, until Joyce himself asked for their intervention, believing it would help to ‘get it over-with.’  It’s understandable that Joyce wished to scrub people’s memories of the vision of his face being hit by a flying rubber dildo. Joyce probably hoped we’d all have a laugh and the image would fade. However, as John Oliver said, ” from now on, your entire life will be viewed through a dildonic prism.”

John of course didn’t stop with showing the video and making a few jokes, he upped the ante. Peter Jackson of New Zealand, waved the new and improved flag which was designed from the incident. Next, a full gospel choir sings a Hallelujah chorus, while a large image of the gif plays. As if this spectacle isn’t enough for your eye to behold, a new generation of large, pink mascots – you can guess the form,  frolic and dance clumsily onstage.

Just a reminder. You you may recall that at the end of the previous season, props and particularly mascots were on sale to lucky viewers. If you play your cards right,you or someone you know will be able to pick up a large, cheerful mascot or two  at the end of the current season.

Donald Trump fans rally in New Zealand!

Donald Trump fans rally in New Zealand!IT’S ANGER STUPID!

No one wants to offend the Donald Trump fans even though it is on their heads that we now have a blustering fascist at the top of American politics. And for what? Because the are ANGRY at Muslims, Mexicans, African Americans, China, President Obama along with that aspect of political correctness which keeps them from publicly using the words they really want to use in describing Muslims, Mexicans, African Americans, China and President Obama.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver – New Zealand PM John Keys Bizarre Interview

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - New Zealand PM John Keys Bizarre Interview

On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver’s news recap ended on a bizarre note from New Zealand, where Prime Minister John Keys appeared on a morning radio show, on which he answered ten extremely personal questions with such candor that he might well have believed that he was  attached to a lie detector.

See if you don’t agree with John Oliver who has proclaimed this to be “the greatest political interview of all time!”   I’m floored by the PM’s amiable cooperation with the two morning drive DJ’s, who probably did not expect the Prime Minister to go along with all ten of the  questions, clearly intended to embarrass or fluster him.

You can possibly fault John Keys with many things, but dishonesty (apparently)  is not one of them.  The PM was ready and willing to give ‘too much information.’  There is one question that Keys answered with a ‘no’ which John claims is always  a ‘yes’ although Keys didn’t try to mislead anyone.