Tea Party turns the world upside down, Lauren Mayer Song

lauren mayer tea partyWhy is Lauren Mayer so happy singing this song? Same reason I am every time I see Paul Broun, Ted Cruz, Michele Bachmann or my very own Louie Louie Golmert!

Ted Cruz is a demagogue like Joe McCarthy, plays the same finger pointing game in the Senate as Joe McCarthy did, has the same politics of hate and right-wing smallness as Joe McCarthy and Cruz even looks and acts like Joe McCarthy.  But none of those things are what makes him today’s incarnation of Tailgunner Joe. Rather it is just like Joe McCarthy put an end to that dark time of what we now call McCarthyism, so Ted Cruz will be the face and the name who put the darkness of the Tea Party Ugly to bed once and for all.

How many remember The John Birch Society?  That was top Right-wing movement of the Fifties, and where are they now?

Post Election: Glenn Beck says buy guns and farmland, and AMMO!

crazy glenn beck

Where has Glenn Beck gotten off to?  Blaze TV. Which isn’t on TV. But costs $10 a month on the Internet.  On a much longer video I did not want you to suffer through, Beck states he will no longer ever mention President Obama again. Good luck with that Glenn…

We often ask what is so wrong with America. Well this is what is wrong, Glenn Beck, Louie Gohmert, Paul Broun, Allen West, Rand Paul, the NRA, the Tea Party, and that large block of certified idiots who listen to them.

Do you realize that in the vote for Speaker of the House that  Louie Gohmert and Paul Broun voted for Allen West who is no longer a member of congress? So at least we now have found the two craziest right-wing loons in the House for the next two years. No surprise one is from Texas and the other from Georgia.  The new term will also push Rand Paul out as the top Senate nut job with the appearance of the earless alien from South Carolina, Tim Scott representing the African American wing of the Tea Party.

Republican Science with Republican Representative Paul Broun

republican science with paul brouncheap viagra

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Here again we have that problem of satirizing something is so absurd it loses its impact. Like Victoria Jackson or Ted Nugent or Wayne LaPierre. Here in Texas we actually have a majority of people on the State Board of Education that are actively pushing just this kind of crap into our children’s text books. And winning…