@Midnight with Chris Hardwick, How to Get Fired From Fox News – video NSFW

@Midnight  How to Get Fired From Fox News like Stacey Dash and Ralph Peters- video NSFW

On @Midnight, host Chris Hardwick took note the brief suspension of Ralph Peters, and ‘Clueless’ actress and paid contributor Stacey Dash, who both contributed obscenities in response to President Obama’s address on terrorism.

Peters is the pipsqueak who roundly criticized the President, calling him a “p_______!” from the safety of his studio.  Classy and clueless Stacey Dash said the President ” just didn’t ‘give a s__­­__. “Dash added that she just “didn’t feel passion” from him.

Passionate comedians; Dan Telfer, Steve Agee and Maria Bamford are asked to demonstrate how they would get fired from the alleged news network. You may be surprised by their answers; not a single one would use an obscenity in an  attempt to get fired (or suspended) by Fox.

‘Fox Bimbos’: Sing Along!

'Fox Bimbos': Sing Along!

The irresistible opening notes of La Bamba herald Lauren Mayer’s new song – a long overdue, commentary on the bubble heads and bimbos – male and female who star on Fox ‘News.’
Lauren says ‘just when you think the airheads on Fox ‘News’ couldn’t sound any more stupid, they outdo themselves.’

But I’m here to ask you – who’s listening with the show within a show that Roger Ailes is cleverly presenting for his target audience?  The Fox ‘News’  audience is made up of an angry, older, white crowd of males (way over 68)  who enjoy the peep show put on by ‘the goils’ daily.  Skirts which begin short, climb steadily upward, in moves that rival strip tease, while necklines race steadily downward to meet the hemlines.   I suspect many a devoted Republican wife is dazzled by her man’s dedication to watching the ‘news’ with no interruptions.

Those sweet lil’ conservative dumplin’s echo the views of Fox viewers, and nothing sounds sweeter.  Stacey Dash revealed a great deal about the month I presume she attended college, saying  “Some campus rape victims are “bad girls’ who “like to be naughty”   Dash sealed her love affair with the menfolk by saying that a ‘pay gap is only an excuse used by women for not wanting to work harder!’
But – let’s not leave out the guys.  Brian Kilmeade recently wondered: ” Why aren’t we clearing the waters of sharks so ocean swimming is safe?” I don’t know, but I’m getting a good idea for a remote spot for Brian, and maybe a few of the girls in bikinis. It’ll be a ratings bonanza!