Absurdity Today Ironic News Report video: Conspiracies, Coupons and Creationism

AbsurdityToday: Julianna Forlano video Conspiracies, Coupons and Creationism

Juliana Forlano leaves no stone unturned, no block-head unscathed. We check in with Glenn Beck and others still reeling from the realization that Obama is starting his second term, and Beck’s ‘Go Packs’ were unnecessary last month.  Limbaugh fans… Exciting news on the Creationist front, and Rush plays a key role! Hey ladies, grab yer olde kit bag, after exhaustive and often ridiculous discussion, you’ve got combat now! Last but not least, a suggestion for Republicans straight out of a 1909 Child Rearing book. It will be more painful than a kidney stone, but you can pass a debt ceiling bill!