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Ted Cruz lip sync political ad

“I made a hole then barfed on the beach.” Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz lip sync political adHey, this lip syncing satire has far better content than anything Ted Cruz actually has to say, and this is now the only Republican who can stop The Donald? Wow is the GOP in deep poop. ┬áBut wait, there’s Mitt again

Have you heard Caitlyn Jenner is a big Ted Cruz fan! Why? Because one of his strongest issues is to force Caitlyn Jenner to use only men’s bathrooms, to deny gays equal marriage rights or have families and is the biggest single enemy of LGBT causes. Must be she is just attracted to rat faced jerks is all. Or like most Trump fans is dumber than pea gravel. But wait! She has a degree in Physical Education from Iowa’s Graceland College.

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