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Texas Death Row Stand Up Comedy

execution humor"Where’s a stunt double when you need one?" Vincent Gutierrez last words in the Texas Death Chamber earlier this year who went out laughing.
Admitted murderer Patrick Knight is taking the lead from his recently executed pal mr. Gutierrez and is also planning on going out with a laugh. Texas Executioners do not think this new trend is one bit funny, executioners are not very funny people.
Knight is trying to chose one of 250 jokes he has received from friends and email which are mostly lawyer jokes for his June 26 date and The Death Row Comedy Chamber Show. Knight will be the fifth execution in the past three weeks. If this rate holds, which the schedule seems to portend it will, George W. Bush’s legacy as the Governor who oversaw more executions that the rest of the 49 states combined, will be surpassed by Governor Perry.
Though many find this death row humor unconscionable, we know George W. Bush will have a good yuck. After all, when he sent Karla Tucker to the death chamber he giggled and laughed mocking the woman. But we love him down here in Dumbass, no one better represents the Texas persona than George. Dumb, belligerent and violent. Death Row Humor at cumberlink.com