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The Daily Show, Fox News and North Korean propaganda News the same thing

And top this off, President Buck Rogers on his flight to Singapore watched North Korean propaganda TV and expressed his wish that if only the Media in America were as good to him as it was to Kim Jong Un.  Which of course means, that Donald Trump does not think Fox News fails even communist propaganda to suck up to him.

Watched a bit of Tom Arnold today all hyped up about his new connection with Michael Cohen. He keep saying, we have to get rid of him [Trump]. Indeed we do. He has turned this country into a dark bad joke, with the most ignorant of the masses on their feet, their knees and peeing their pants they are so emotionally connected to a self consumed, lying, racist buffoon.  Trump is not like El Duce, he is El Duce.  My advice to him? Don’t wear open toed sandals.

Fox News vs. North Korean State TV | The Daily Show  -video