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The Trump Boogie, Kid Rock music video parody, MF Ruckus

The Trump Boogie, Kid Rock music video parody, MF RuckusHey, who says there are no music celebrities supporting The Donald? ┬áNot only Kid Rock, Ted Nugent and Kiss tonguer Gene Simmons but the entire genre of New Country or whatever it’s called.

I had the pleasure of being forced to listen to 7 straight hours of it in a small road trip recently. All the music in the songs sounds almost exactly the same, the cowboy singers also have the same accent and voice. The lyrics too did not vary; put the boots on, get in the pickup, drink the beer, move on to the Jack, the Beam and the Rum and winning all those fine country ladies over.

Pandoring it for such a long period of time I did figure out what these guys are striving for.  The hook, or chorus that drunken rednecks will pick up on and sing along with around the fire barrel at the back the trailer park, and if they get it right they get richer.