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Time to give them back the Confederacy


Time to give them back the Confederacy

Have you noticed that all the attention with the Religious Bigotry Laws that have passed recently that it’s all about North Carolina while Mississippi which did the same gets a pass? Why is that? :

There is no one smarter than a brussell sprout moving to Mississippi as they have to North Carolina.
No one cares about Mississippi.
Mississippi is a lost cause.

But that is not how this article took form, rather it is about a conversation I had recently with a few evangelical Christians.  Have you ever tried to get one of them to follow the logic of being against both abortion and birth control? Wow, if you can get past that without pulling out your hair, you will find that no matter what the issue is, gays, bathrooms, scripture, creationism or global warming, there is no hope. They were, as their children are, kept inside the bubble; home schooling, Christian schools, Christian camp,  Christian book stores, Bible study, group prayer and never ever being taught how to actually think.  Like Muslims. Which is why they hate Common Core so very very much, ie, the WHY of your answer. God, Jesus, Rush Limbaugh and Fox News do their thinking for them. Thinking is hard.

So let’s give the okra, the Kudzu, the Spanish moss, the white gravy and the swamps back to them. If nothing else it will be entertaining. I moved to Dumbutt, Texas 35 years ago and in a week my IQ went up 50 points. Well on a curve anyway.

But what about Wyoming, Idaho and the Dakotas you may ask. Well, everyone in those states could fit in a couple buses and move South. And of course all the gay men and women, blacks, atheists, agnostics, Jews, Mexicans, Muslims and smart people could put on jackets and move.

“If it’s real to you it’s money to us.” The UFO abduction counselor, the Priest, the Preacher, the Rabbi and the Mullah.”

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