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Top 10 Most Sexist Commercials of All Time! How Republicans View Women

Top 10 Most Sexist Commercials of All Time! How Republicans STILL View WomenWatch these sexist commercials from the 1950s & ’60s and you’ll see how the roles of men and women differed  when senior Republicans were in their formative years, and women were properly subservient. The little woman could be brought to tears over the quality of the coffee she brewed, her very marriage depended upon it!

It’s no mystery that Republicans think women are empty headed sex objects to be traded in frequently, like last years Cadillac…But ideally she still looked fabulous after a day of herding kids and cleaning grout! It was her ‘duty’  after all. Think how confused they must be, now that women feel that they should be in charge of their own reproductive lives – they have the vote!  What next, a fair living wage?

I wish I could say these examples are way over-the-top, but I’m afraid no one blinked an eye until Gloria Steinham and the girls started bonfires with their bras.

Even if you’re here by accident, because  speed reading led you to believe the title read ‘sexiest’ commercials, stick around. Take a look at what men and women’s ‘accepted’ roles were back in the day, and maybe tell us what you think!