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Trevor Noah hits the existential issue about Trump

“Imagine a crisis so bad that your best move is to admit you paid hush money to a porn star.” Trevor Noah hits the existential issue about Trump.

Just read that coal mine owner Don Blankenship, who served a year in jail for his coal mine explosion that killed 29 is doing okay in his West Virginia primary run for the Senate. He says regulators set him by killing the 29 miners. Many Trump voters – a 41 point spread in 2016 – believe it.

President Trump as of today has told 3000 lies since he took office. That is six a day, an improvement of the seven a day during his campaign. Progress!

And still 80% of Evangelical Christians adore Donald Trump. A pathological liar, serial adulterer, con man, bigot, racist, who knows not one thing about the Bible, a vengeance seeking narcissist who has for his entire life proven he cares about nothing other than Donald Trump. The NEW leader of American Christianity.

There seems to be only three things that cause them to so love the most deplorable human being in our political history.

Their fight for a big intrusive government to deny women their reproductive rights, trying to make the lives of gay men and women as miserable as possible and hating liberals so much their teeth bleed. No surprise, just awful people striving for awful things.

Religion does not enhance reason, it replaces it.