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Trump Rally Billings, Montana had one subject only

I suffered through a little more of an hour of it live.  As I am sure you know these rallies are about only one thing, Trump talking about making Trump great again. Like America, he was not great until he came to us to make himself and us great.

Poor put upon widdle boy. So sad.

The usually Nuremberg enthusiasm was mostly missing last night. In fact they had one person removed from behind him who was not clapping appropriately.  And where’s the black guy in the background?  They probably knew he wasn’t coming so looked for replacement, but Montana being Montana, they could not find any black guys.

Oh and Trump trying to pronounce ANONYMOUS was hilarious. He should have fallen back on the net term AnyMouse.

He also reminded us that his polls are going through the roof they are so good!  And he pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket with yellow highlights that showed all his successes!  There were three highlighted paragraphs!

And treason at the NYTs and inside his administration!  Treason!  Projection! He’s an idiot!

But we found out this morning that the anonymous op-ed was not from his Administration or the Deep State but rather the NYTs wrote it themselves!  So says Ben Carson.  Wait… No, it was Herman Cain.  Or are they the same person?

But the big story is from Billings Trump and the rally move to North Dakota and then South Dakota! All three states, along with Wyoming could populate one regular American city.

Thing is, Trump is running out of places he can go without serious trouble. Since he called Southerners stupid and retarded he is limited to just a few places and he has so saturated West Virginia I think everyone in the state has been to one of his rallies.  West Virginia is where it’s at!  They have reached a height the rest of us can only dream of.

King Coal is the future!