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Trump says meeting with Putin will be SO EASY

Trump says meeting with Putin will be the easiest part of his European trip. Just as easy and successful as his meeting with Kim Jong Un.  Which was a fail in every single aspect.  Trump got taken for a fool by a silly 33  year old dictator, imagine how he will fair up against a seasoned KBG dictator?  Gosh…

Calling Putin a ‘Competitor’, Trump Says Russia Meeting Could Be ‘Easiest’ All Week In Remarks Ahead of NATO Summit

I hate to bring this up but I recently read a couple books about the Trump affect.

Jack London’s autobiographical novel Ethan Martin about how American working class has lost any semblance of intellect through hard labor, resulting in giving them no time or inclination to think, or wonder, or learn.  So easily manipulated by crooks and populism. London had Trump pegged 100 years ago.

And Dickens’ Martin Chuzzlewit, autobiographical novel of Dickens first trip to America. He finds everyone in New York money grubbing crooks then moving on to the South and Midwest where he finds the working class all ignorant rubes doing the same just at a lower level. Neither with any interest at education, reading, learning, thinking, wondering…  Dickens’ had Trump pegged 170 years ago.

BTW the Chuzzlewit book was ignored in America and still few know of it’s existence here.