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Twerking’s Tired & YOLO, So Let’s Trash Some Tiresome 2013 Words

Twerking's Tired & YOLO, So Let's Trash Some 2013 Words While we’re clearing out the old to make room for the new, let’s think about removing some pesky and overworked words. Like a lot of clothing that is donated, I really haven’t ‘worn’ some of these words. They just didn’t fit or feel right on me. I confess that I eschewed others because frankly I wasn’t certain of their meaning.

The makers of the video may be extremely optimistic when they wave buh-bye to twerking and YOLO, but we can give the words a ceremonial toss into the bin. With any luck, they¬† won’t recycle and reemerge, as trends often do. For instance; bell bottoms, shoulder pads, platform shoes and mullets. Some have reemerged, and some never left – completely. What would you like to see or hear come around again? OR – what would you decree be sent to the bin forever ?!

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