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Video: Robert Chain Threaten killing all at Boston Globe, Handmaid’s Tale comes to life

Al Gore has it right. Trump needs to resign, now, this morning.

“You’re the enemy of the people, and we’re going to kill every fking one of you.”

Robert Chain in phone call to Boston Globe using President Trump’s defining the media as “enemy of the people.”

“Yeah, I’m making a statement. The United States got saved by having Donald J. Trump elected as president. And Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton the criminal – who by the way emails were hacked by the Chinese – Now take a hike, you bozos.”

Robert Chain statement after being released on $50k bond for threatening to shoot and kill everyone at the Boston Globe. This after the FBI found 22 guns in his home. One bought in May, a “9mm carbine” which is a military style semi automatic machine gun that has bigger bullets than the usual AR15 these bozos bond with.

[keep in mind gun enthusiasts do not like anyone saying AR15s and such are “assault rifles.” So please from now on call them by their definitive name, “military style semi automatic machine guns”]

And no one has made the connection of this to Handmaid’s Tale?

One of the most iconic images of the Handmaid’s Tale Hulu series [second only to a lesbian being hung by a construction crane] of Offred embracing the bloody bullet riddled wall in the basement of the Boston Globe where Christian Evangelicals executed all the employees of the enemy of the people, the Boston Globe.

California man charged for threatening to kill Boston Globe journalists