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Westboro Baptist Christians Picket Oscars, Zach Fox

You thought a movie about a 40 year old male virgin was impossible? Well here you go, a 51 year old Jesus loving fag hating virgin! And hey, no wonder!

Westboro Baptist at oscars

You know BRANDING is important. This kind of stuff overflows into our perceptions of both Christianity and the Republican Party brands. Some say it is unfair while others say that these public discharges of ugly bigotry, intolerance and hate are overt examples of the covert GOP / Christian worldview.

But no matter the fairness of it, this is the kind of thing more and more Americans are seeing as the face of Primary Christians and the Republican Party. Oh and this is a good reminder that Jews go to Hell! God hates Fags, Jews and You.    

But BRANDING is a two way street. Democrats have also become branded as pussies, wussies, homos, lazy Negroes, and of course politically correct Nazis.