A minute of meditation to help survive the Trump Administration

A minute of meditation to help survive the Trump AdministrationTurn it all off, go outside, sit, relax, smell the trees, close your eyes and put The Donald out of your mind and all shall be well. Do it every day for the next seven years and eight months.

“Can we have a crisis free day? That’s all I am asking.” Senator Susan Collins.

How many days in a row can anyone smarter than a plate of crabcakes go with a Trump crisis starting each and every day?  It is 7am EST and we are all waiting for what? The next crazyass tweet, not from The Onion, but from the President of the United States.

The Whitedicks are not moved. They are happy over at their Fox News / Breitbart Safe Zone screeching not only about this only being about leaks and floating their conspiracy theory that Hillary had Seth Rich murdered for leaking campaign info to wikileaks, but have brought back the story that Hillary also murdered Vince Foster. Where does she have the time with running a kidnapping child molestation ring out of Comet Pizza?