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Bill Maher Monologue: Paul Ryan English speaking version of Sarah Palin, August 17 2012

This one got me thinking about Paul Ryan’s mentor and idol Ayn Rand.  I too got swept away by Atlas Shrugged when I was 17 or so. You know that rebellion pimple period most of us went through. But unlike Paul Ryan, in a few months my pimples and my brain cleared up.

The first part of the Atlas Shrugged made for cable movie is now available  on Netflix.  I decided to give it a try.  I lasted about a half hour before the story line became so convoluted – for even someone who read the book – it bogged me down to the off button.  As I watched I constantly thought about how the actors were acting, which I hear is a sign of horrible acting. Bad casting too. In fact it was all so bad I wonder if they will bother with parts 2 and 3.  Or did they make the entire trilogy all at once?

Ah, picking a Vice President whose idol is a soviet social Darwinist atheist  who wrote “The Virtue of Selfishness”.

Who knows what Mitt Romney really believes?  But you can be rest assured that Paul  Ryan will hold firm against any government insurance help regarding women ‘s birth control. Nor will he waver in denying women the option for an abortion even for rape and incest. If he ever becomes president I would guess Rick Santorum would end up on the Supreme Court.

Bill Maher

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