Daily Show Democrat Jessica Williams & GOP Al Madrigal love Paul Ryan

I am not so sure it’s a good thing. On the surface the pick of Paul Ryan brings the election down to the bottom line that has been in play now since URG clubbed Cindy in front of Cave #23 in the Rift Basin. Who will be included, who will be excluded, and what benefits the included will get.

There are many definitions of this central issue. There is WE vs ME.  US vs I.  Community vs rugged individualism. Rich vs poor. Black vs white. God vs Reason. Together vs alone and so on vs so forth.  The problem is that I, ME, MY, MINE has won over the past generation. We are not yet ready as a nation join the rest of the civilized world.We are still in backlash against giving blacks and women equal status in the Sixties. Neither group no longer knows their place.

What would be one simple example defining civilization in this day and age? Oh, I know. The civilized world universally accepts that heath care should be available to everyone equally no mater their job status, age, or income, EXCEPT AMERICANS. Even edging toward such a system -  which the rest of the civilized world accepts without question – the GOP turns purple screaming OBAMACARE – which also means NEGROCARE  What is so beyond the pale disgusting with our horrid barbaric view of life, is the GOP has put it on the back of Jesus Christ. AND GETS AWAY WITH IT,  here in the United States of Duh…

jessica williams and Al madrigal and paul ryan