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Daily Show Trevor Noah PLEASE GO VOTE the KKK will

Daily Show Trevor Noah PLEASE GO VOTE the KKK willSouth African Trevor Noah begs us to go vote to help offset the votes from the Ku Klux Klan, whose newspaper endorsed Donadld Trump, David Duke, and those from every racist, anti-semitic and white nationalist website and organization who will wade through forests of burning crosses to cast their votes for Donald Trump.

But what about the emails!  Isn’t that worse?  I have an idea. Let’s print out just the 650, 000 emails on The Wiener’s computer and wad them up into football sized units and shove them up the ass of everyone dumb enough to vote for Donald Trump.

This reminds me of the trouble Jesse Ventura got into up there in Minnysota doanyaknow.  He dropped out of a second term as governor because he said “religion is for the weak and stupid,” when he should have said, “religion is for the weak or stupid.”  Same thing here, Trump voters are deplorable or stupid.  Voters stupid, surrogates deplorable.

Speaking of religion, what is responsible for the rise of White Nationalism across the White world over the past 15 years?

Evangelical Fundamentalist Islam, or reducing it down to just one word, religion.

It was just one man most responsible for not only changing the culture of the Wide White World, but also the rise of white nationalist movements in country after country. Osama Bin Laden. For if we use the the criteria of who made the most difference in the world,  TIME magazine must give MAN OF THE CENTURY to bin Laden. Who may historically become bigger than both Jesus and The Beatles put together.