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Samantha Bee, Hillary’s Emails PLS PRINT, read by Sarah Paulson

Samantha Bee, Hillary's Emails PLS PRINT, read by Sarah PaulsonPLS PRINT! Full Frontal intern Sarah Paulson reads some of the 650,000 emails from Hillary Clinton, which shows the candidate for the actual person she is, a hard working near sighted boring dogooder grandmother.  Republicans missed the near sighted thing!

An honest moment here with the emails.

Republican investigations into her email, FBI, CIA, NSA, HOMELAND SECURITY and WIKILEAKS now for years have been trying to find the smoking gun of a classified email on Hillary Clinton’s server, which was President Clinton’s secured server. Well at least as secure as the Pentagon, the State Department and so on which have all been hacked.

Why do Republicans need to find a classified email on that server?

Because under oath, Hillary Clinton said she did not send or receive classified material on that server. So if the find one, that is felony perjury and high crimes and misdemeanors in their minds. This is the same game as Benghazi. Where Hillary Clinton said it was because of a video as the CIA told her it was.

They did find one email with a “(c)” at the bottom which was redacted so we do not know if it contained the coordinates of all our nuclear subs.

Alright now.  Is a lie a lie if the liar believes it to be true? Not as far as libel and slander go, but criminally?

Let’s take this to IRAQ 2003.  If one is to believe that Hillary Clinton is a felonious liar, then for telling a lie she believed was true – then one must accept that George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Colin Powell, Don Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice also committed felonious perjury. And in that case the death of 5000 Americans and 300,000 Iraqis.

The fly in the ointment in all that is that if 67% of Trump supporters are not lying when they say President Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya because they actually believe it , then they are okay.