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It’s the guns not games, movies or mental Health, Toles Cartoon

gun nuts

The most recent gun massacre at the naval shipyard found that nothing could have been done from keeping this gun enthusiast from a gun. Nothing at all.  And there is little if any hope of fixing this. Even background checks do not involve those who have not been convicted or crazy people who have not been  committed. And besides even if there were background checks anyone can buy anything at most any gun show in America. Or from cousin Bubba or Leon.  No, we need to break the back of the gun culture in some way. We need a War on Guns which kill twice as many Americans each year than all the drugs combined.

The sad truth in all of these massacres is that the perpetrators are little different than our population of gun enthusiasts pushing and celebrating our violent gun culture. Angry, paranoid and stupid. Shame on them.

Those who really really want a gun are the very ones who really really should not be able to get a gun