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FOD: Mitch McConnell Blocks Equal Pay, Gives Us Ladycoin Instead!

FOD: Mitch McConnell Blocks Equal Pay, Gives Us Ladycoin!
Mitch McConnell offers a solution to equal pay for women, and it makes as much sense as Bitcoin. This hilarious Funny or Die parody of Mitch McConnell (played by Peter MacNicol), reveals why he continues to block the Paycheck Fairness Act. The Act would make employers more accountable for wage discrimination, and presumably give women one reason to vote Republican…Just one, and only then if she has suffered brain damage, and forgotten that Democrats have pushed for the bill.

Listen up little ladies, as an insecure,  Mister ‘Pants in the Family’  McConnell tells you why you don’t need equal pay. Oh, and you’ve had your fun with the pants, put on a dress!

Answering his detractors,McConnell reveals that people say all sorts of ridiculous things to him, like (in falsetto) “Ohhh, you don’t think women deserve equal pay for equal work, or you think it’s okay that women only earn seventy seven cents for every dollar a man earns.”   Of course that’s what he thinks. He’s onto to us girls. “I  know you all sneak that .23 cents out of your husband’s wallet,” he cackles. This version of McDonnell cracks himself up, and as obnoxious as he is, he’s a treat compared to the real article.

The patronizing nitwit sends us on our way with our very own Lady Coin! The pink disk comes in one denomination, written in magic marker, –  it’s twenty three cents, which you can use to buy all of your pretend lady things…Or call someone who – um, cares