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Guest chef Donald Trump makes a Thanksgiving Turkey wall

Guest chef Donald Trump makes a Turkey wallDon’t let Mexicans rape your turkey, build a wall around it of carrots and celery which Mexicans don’t like, for after extensive travel in Mexico I cannot recall ever seeing a carrot or a stick of celery.

Hey it seems Dr Ben is finally dumbing out of the race with Ted Cruz taking his spot. Donald Trump who has shifted his ire from Mexican murderers and rapists to now go after Syrian murderers and rapist families is surging in the polls. As his fans like to tell us, The Donald is just saying what they are all thinking. Even his huge fabulous lie about thousands of New Jersey Muslims cheering after 911 is winner causing even better poll results. He is also getting so angry at the RNC that he is once again threatening to go third party. Hear! Here! All in all, things could not be looking better for Hillary!