Happy Obstruction of Justice Birthday Mr President, Chelsea Handler

Happy Obstruction of Justice Birthday Mr President, Chelsea HandlerWhat KIND of president would pre announce their birthday to the world? Or any celebrity for that matter. Only an egomaniac looking for presents it would seem.

For as it usually happens in the real world beyond Trump and his cult, we find out about top tier birthdays with someone saying “Hey! It’s your birthday today! Happy Birthday!”  Not “Hey! It’s going to be my Birthday next Wednesday!”  Who does that? Well anyone over 8 anyway.

But The Donald got a swell birthday present finding out that Bob Mueller has now pointed out that President Donald Trump is personally under criminal investigation for obstruction of Justice.

But not to worry, there is a very attractive gang of Republicans now working to get Mueller fired!  Such luminaries as Chris Ruddy [the Hillary murdered Vince Foster conspiracy wonk and CEO of Maxnews], Ann Coulter, Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, Dick Morris and Chris Christie. A group that should join a swimsuit pageant of some sort where we could all barge into their dressing room to ogle them naked.

Oh ho oh ho o o… The stuff of uneraseable nightmares.


Reminds me of a PBS show I really liked, Doc Martin. Right out of the blue comes a scene of just a few seconds that is now forever embedded in my psyche.  Doc Martin opening a door to  find his 70 something overweight aunt having sex on a washing machine with a 20 something neighbor. I can’t shake it. Imagine if it were my real aunt. Wow…