Jimmy Kimmel: ‘It’s Black Friday,Back Off Charlie Brown’ Happy Thanksgiving Too!

 Jimmy Kimmel: It's Black Friday Back Off Charlie Brown, Let's SHOP!. Oh...And Happy Thanksgiving, too!   There is a Charlie Brown Holiday Special for nearly every special occasion,and Black Friday is no exception. The lovable Peanuts crew invites you to prepare for Black Friday with them by arming yourself to the teeth, making a list and setting your GPS – the better to hit all of the hot sales far and near. Oh yes! Try to squeeze in a lovely Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family – but do it early!  This year, many retailers are getting a head start by staying open on Thanksgiving day. Still others are opening their doors a bit later,at midnight. With sales in abundance, and a broader selection online from the comfort of your home, it’s clear that Black Friday shoppers are a breed who value their purchases only when they have fought for them!

  • Uh OH…My cover is blown!
    It’s been a burden hiding my gift of technical wizardry from you low these many years.
    How do ya work those these emoticons again? ; )

  • rackjite

    I have to give Newscat a big pat on the back! I tried to get that video going for hours. Everyone with it up has it as the YOUTUBE version which is PRIVATE. It shows as a player but wont play. ANd youtube would give the code. Newscat found the answer! SHe is such a tech head, a geek to reckon with!