Keith Olberman – Trump, the Roots of His Prejudice

Keith Olberman - Trump, the Roots of His Prejudice

A man without empathy, Trump was—as a boy—surrounded by an intense regional bigotry. Keith Olbermann is able to trace Trump’s prejudice against people of Puerto Rican heritage to his childhood environment. Like white nationalists, New York neighborhoods chaffed to see “foreigners” moving in. While unfair, negative traits were attributed to people from Puerto Rico,undoubtedly Fred Trump’s influence colored Donald’s world view as well. The Trump company’s unfair housing practices toward all people of color are a matter of record.

Children often absorb negative things from parents and neighbors, but life experience tends to bring knowledge and empathy. No such epiphany occurred with Donald Trump.While Trump’s prejudice is 99% aimed at people of color, a clip from an interview with Howard Stern in July of 2008 is well worth watching. Trump portrays the incident as an amusing anecdote. In truth the chilling tale shows that Trump’s lack of humanity can extend to wealthy, white guests…If the critically-wounded has made the “disgusting” gaffe of bleeding on Trump’s pristine white marble, as he fell. Maybe Keith will discover the roots of Trump’s paranoid aversion to blood one day soon.  .